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Ensure maintenance of highest standards for safety and security at railway stations all over country: Delhi HC

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Thursday directed the respondents (Ministry of Railways) to ensure the “highest standards” of safety and security at all railway stations across the country after conducting a periodic audit of the situation.
The judgment passed by the Bench headed by Chief Justice of Delhi Satish Chander Sharma, comprising Justice Saurabh Banerjee on Thursday stated that there is a periodic audit in respect of the safety and security measures in the Indian Railways, and after conducting a periodic audit and assessing the situation, the Government of India shall ensure maintenance of the highest standards of safety and security at Railway Stations all over the country. The affidavit reveals that the Railways have presently installed CCTV Cameras, luggage scanning devices, door-mounted metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, body-worn cameras, dogs (Sniffer and Tracker), an automatic train protection system, etc., noted the court.
The court passed the judgement on a PIL moved by Kush Kalra, a practising advocate in Delhi, who sought direction to the Railways and concerned authorities to provide safety measures (lack of anti-collusion devices, lack of alcohol checking devices and lack of emergency
telephones on platforms of Indian railways) and security measures (lack of CCTV cameras at stations), lack of luggage scanning devices and lack of metal detector doors and hand-held metal detectors at every railway station in India.
Railways in its affidavit, stated that the Indian Railways have installed CCTV cameras at stations, luggage scanning devices, door frame metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors, body-worn cameras and dogs (sniffer and tracker) have also been posted at the railway stations.
It was further stated in an affidavit that All India Helpline Number 139 is used for assistance with any complaints or security assistance. It was also stated that the Railway Protection Force Twitter handle is available for passenger complaints and security assistance.
It was also stated that Operation “Meri Saheli” has been set up to ensure safety and security for women passengers, especially those who are travelling alone, in addition to providing child helpline and anti-trafficking units at stations for maintaining and providing security to the passengers travelling through railways.
In respect of the status of the implementation of the anti-collision device, the respondents have stated that the anti-collision device developed by Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd (KRCL) is in place as a pilot project on the 1736-kilometre route on Northeast Frontier Railways. It has been further stated: that complex operational and technical problems were experienced during
these trials, which could not be fully resolved by KRCL.
In respect of alcohol checking devices, it has been stated by the respondents that action is being taken in respect of drunkness or nuisance under Section 145 of the Railway Act and till July 2022 itself as many as 42,086 persons had been prosecuted therein. It has been further stated that the Railways Protection Force and Government Railway Police are escorting 3200 trains per day for a safe and secure journey of passengers.
In respect of CCTV Cameras, it has been stated that the Indian Railways have undertaken the work of providing CCTV cameras at all 6124 railway stations and the work is also in progress at another 257 stations it has been stated that all the railway stations in the country will have CCTV cameras, noted the court.
The Court while passing the Judgement noted that the affidavit filed by railways reflects that the safety and security of passengers is of paramount importance to the Railways and the Railways have been taking all necessary safeguards to ensure that there is no breach in respect of safety and security of passengers. (ANI)

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