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Drink 5-6 cups of tea to keep disease at bay, says research

Jorhat: It is popular among people today that consuming a lot of tea is harmful to health, but research shows that having 5-6 cups of tea is not harmful but beneficial for one’s health.

Recently, Assam tea completed its 200 years and is a favourite with tea connoisseurs. It is known for its strong flavour and people can comfortably drink 5-6 cups of tea daily.

Dr Pradeep Barua, Director of Toklai Tea Research Center, Assam, claims that drinking 5-6 cups of tea is not harmful to health but beneficial as it works like medicine for diabetic & cancer patients.

As per scientists, to get the full benefit, it should be boiled less and should be taken without milk. They say black tea is more beneficial than green tea. Until now 35 varieties of tea have been discovered depending on their taste & length of leaves.

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