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DJ DYNAMIKE – Played the biggest Tripura ICFAI University Festival!

Richard Dimonti aka DJ DYNAMIKE is a Performer & Music Producer. He was born on 30th Jan 1994. He is from Pune and setting his foot firm in the growing music industry. DJ DYNAMIKE Fresh off the success of his QatarTour and high-flying performances at Mysore – One Last Night, Symbiosis - Impulse, Pune MIT, Coep Institute, Sinhgad karandak Fest, the 28-year-old has performed for Tripura ICFAI University in the North-Eastern State of India with 4000 + Fans.

DJ DYNAMIKE’s interview with Us -:

What do you do before the Concert or show?

I don’t listen to any type of music a day before my concert or gig, I just make sure that my complete set is ready in my pen drive, and of course, I do check with the CDJ console.  

As we see you are a Fitness freak, what’s your motivation behind this?

Well, I feel that as a performer you need to be presentable & energetic in front of your audience or fans, and very importantly the crowd should feel your vibe once they see you. And gym makes me feel dedicated and consistent.

Do you reply to random messages on social media?

Oh yes! I always try and reply to my fans in a subtle way I try to not make them feel ignored. It is because of them that I’ve come this far they support my dreams and love my music.

When you were making your “Punjabi Remix”, did you envision it would come in the world’s biggest record label at number #28? 

No, this was a song that I liked and I wanted to play it for my DJ friends. And I remember I uploaded that song in the Spinnin records contest, and people started voting for my track and I was like this is incredible, people love my music and it's running on world #28 in the Spinnin records contest. I know you would be feeling that this is not a huge number but for me, it indeed was because at that time I was in the learning phase of music production.

Tell your experience at Tripura ICFAI University Fest 

I am so glad I played such a huge festival in Tripura. The crowd was amazing. I still remember when my intro song started all the people started cheering for me, and it’s a sound that I can never forget.

After that when I came on the console people just did not stop hooting for me and good lord that was such an incredible feeling.

I want to thank god first for giving me this opportunity and I’m grateful to the ICFAI Team, the event managers, and the whole production team it’s because of their hard work too that this event was such a big success, and kudos to their hospitality too!

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