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Delhi Police arrests 10 for trying to cheat Indian immigration, FIR filed against some Sri Lankan nationals

New Delhi: Ten people were arrested and FIR was registered against some Sri Lankan nationals for alleged complicity with agents who sought to facilitate their travel to Canada via New Delhi airport by "cheating Indian immigration".
Police officials said that those arrested include an agent Mahenthiraraja, a Sri Lankan Tamil, who resides in Chennai. They said 10 persons who were near Aero City, could not explain the proper reason "for their presence".
"They were asked to show their Identity but they did not show their identity. On being suspicious, they brought to the police station for verification," a police official said on Monday.
Police officials said the investigation revealed that these persons were told to reach Chennai Airport where an agent "will manage all the things required to send them to Canada".
These people reached Chennai Airport on different dates and Mahenthiraraja came to the airport on Sunday, police said.
They were all brought to a hotel in Paharganj in Delhi and later taken to Aero City, police officials said, adding that the agent told these persons that "due to some problem today" they cannot fly to Canada and asked them to go the hotel.
"They all wanted to travel to Canada by cheating Indian Immigration. A case has been registered, ten persons have been arrested and further investigation is being carried out," a police official said. (ANI)

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