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CPI MP writes to President Murmu alleging Kerala Guv on "collusion course" with state govt

New Delhi: Communist Party of India (CPI) Rajya Sabha MP Binoy Viswam on Tuesday wrote to President Droupadi Murmu, accusing Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan of being on a collision course with the state government.
In the letter, Viswan urged President Murmu to instruct the Kerala Governor for maintaining sanctity and decorum of his office while also abstaining from interference with the constitutional functioning of the Kerala government. The MP's move came a day after Governor Khan called a press conference at the Raj Bhavan in Trivandrum on Monday.
"As your good self is well aware, Hon'ble Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammed Khan is on a collision course with the State Government," Viswam wrote in his letter.
Terming the press conference of Governor Khan at Trivandrum Raj Bhavan on Monday, an "extraordinary move", Viswam accused the Kerala governor of "unleashing allegations, resembling a state-level politician, against the State Government and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan."
"The Governor has stated that he was not inclined to assent the Bills passed by the State Legislative Assembly. His practice of open collision with the State Government is clearly an anti-constitutional act. As a Governor, he is sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and law. But he has become the proverbial gold that rusts," he said.
Further it said, "Parliamentary democracy with its nucleus, cabinet system, is the warp and weft of our constitutional fabric. The Supreme Court of India, in Shamsher Singh v. State of Punjab (1975) unambiguously clarified that our Constitution has adopted the British Westminster system and the status of governors corresponds to that of the monarch in the United Kingdom."
"Moreover, in federal system, governor is a hyphen between the Union Government and the State Government. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, one of the greatest legal minds of India ever, pointed out years back: "State level autonomy, not precarious provincialism, is a categorical imperative and shadow democracy is contra-constitutional...the governor must be strictly neutral in State politics and not use his office for politicking from within," the letter to President Murmu read.
CPI MP said that Krishna Iyer's "sagacious words" were much relevant here.
"Madam, I would like to submit that Krishna Iyer's sagacious words are much relevant in our times too. Hence, I most humbly request your good self to take cognizance of the gravity of the situation and to issue urgent necessary instructions to Hon'ble Governor of Kerala to maintain the sanctity and decorum of his august office and to abstain from the interference with the constitutional functioning of the State Government," he said.
Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Monday alleged that a senior political leader who is currently working in the Chief Minister's Office was involved in the heckling attack on him at an event that was held in Kannur University in December 2019.
Khan further slammed the state government and said, "We live in a state where the convenor of the ruling front is banned from flying for unruly behaviour...They believe in the legitimacy of force to silence dissent, differences of opinion and liquidate those whom they consider their class enemies."
The ongoing tussle between Kerala Governor Khan and the Kerala government took a hostile turn with Khan reiterating that the state government could not be given powers to appoint Vice chancellors of universities as that could mean an 'executive interference'. (ANI)

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