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Chirag Paswan elected as LJP (Ram Vilas) Parliamentary Party leader

New Delhi: Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) chief Chirag Paswan was elected as the LJP (Ram Vilas) Parliamentary Party leader after a meeting held at his residence here in Delhi on Friday.
All five MPs of the party namely Veena Devi, Arun Bharti, Shambhavi Choudhary and Rajesh Verma along with LJP President Chirag Paswan were present in the meeting.
After the meeting, Paswan said while speaking to ANI sais, "This is just a formality to choose the PM as the leader (of NDA Parliamentary Party). We contested the election under his leadership. Under his leadership, we have the capability that NDA is forming the government for the third consecutive time with a thumping majority. All NDA MPs will gather together and this formality will be completed. NDA is going to form the government soon and PM is going to take the oath for the third time. The Government will be as strong as it functioned in the last 10 years."
Chirag Paswan dismissed rumours of demands by his party, and said, "LJP is completely dedicated to our leader Narendra Modi. There is no doubt about it. In the NDA meeting held the day before yesterday, LJP extended the support to the leadership of PM Modi without any conditions. So, the party has no demands. I can say on behalf of the NDA that no party presented any demands that day. Everyone extended the support unconditionally. Today, NDA will probably submit the letter of support to PM Modi's leadership to the President today."
JD(U)'s stand on Agnipath scheme, Paswan said, "This liberty is given to us by the Prime Minister that we can have open discussions on any matter in alliance...It is a good thing that my Prime Minister is always ready to hear suggestions. We have experienced this in the last 10 years...So, if any ally party feels that we need to review any scheme, I think there is consent within the alliance that it will be done...As of now, there is no information that how many youths benefitted from the rollout of this scheme...Once all this information comes to us officially, all these decisions will be taken in the alliance...Right now, the priority is to form the government..."
LJP MP Rajesh Verma also said that there are no special expectations of LJP. "There are no specific demands from our leader. He has told us that he wants to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking oath for the third time, and he stands by his side without any conditions," said Verma who emerged victorious from the Khagaria Lok Sabha constituency.
Regarding calls for Bihar to be granted "special status, LJP MP Veeena Devi said, "There are no specific demands from the government. We definitely wish for the betterment of Bihar, because we belong to the state".
Veena Devi won from the Vaishali Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar.
Earlier, while speaking to media, Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) President Chirag Paswan affirmed that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) stands "united" and will soon form the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Chirag Paswan said, "People of Bihar have instilled their trust in our party and given us a mandate on all the 5 seats we contested. We promise to fulfil our responsibilities. PM Modi showed his faith in a party with a single MP and gave us 5 seats and we won all 5 of them."
He also said that the National Democratic Alliance stands "united" and the government will be formed soon under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership. Paswan affirmed that BJP will win all 40 seats in Bihar in 2029 elections.
In Bihar, BJP-led NDA delivered a fine performance, winning 29 out of the 40 seats. BJP and JDU won 12 seats each, while LJP (Ram Vilas) won all the five seats it contested. The RJD and Congress won four and three seats respectively.
According to the Election Commission of India, BJP won 240 seats, much lower than its 2019 tally of 303. The Congress, on the other hand, registered a strong growth winning 99 seats. The INDIA bloc crossed the 230 mark, posing stiff competition, and defying all predictions.

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