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Bollywood actresses who have become troll favourites in recent months

Mumbai (Maharashtra): There is some seriously talented female energy in the entertainment industry and every one of them is delivering some amazing content for viewers. Be it in films, serials or music videos, all these women are shining brightly in their respective fields. But many people cannot seem to be satisfied with whatever those women are offering.

The actresses of Bollywood have been brutally trolled and laughed upon by moral polices and meme creators. The reason? Various and vague. Right from their clothes, to their behaviour, these actresses have been trolled mercilessly by netizens.


Shehnaaz Gill

If you thought Shehnaaz Gill was a fan favourite then do not live under that pretence. The actress had received immense support and love from fans after the sudden death of her boyfriend Siddharth Shukla. But as soon as the actress moved on in life to a better mental state, trolls were quick to drag her. The actress was recently trolled for her ‘inappropriate’ behaviour during Arpita Khan’s Eid party. As the actress hugged and kissed Salman Khan before he dropped her off in the car, netizens questioned how she could be happy without Siddharth Shukla and that her behaviour was improper.



It is but a fact that Salman Khan is extremely fond of the actress since she appeared on the reality show Bigg Boss which the actor hosts. So, the interaction between them was just a visual representation of their pure bonding. The trolls questioning this and insulting the actress for not grieving her boyfriend’s death enough was not fair to her.


Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is a troll favourite as no matter what she does, her style, her speech and her photos, everything is pried upon by trolls. Recently, the actress was trolled by moral polices as they schooled the actress for accidentally showing off her bra strap. It was a small peek which was barely visible through her dress. But several called that moment a wardrobe malfunction and asked the actress to be careful the next time.



But in today’s day and time, is it a big deal for people to accidentally reveal their bra straps? Women are still being policed for such small instances and it is a high time that trolls are called out for their toxic behaviour.


Janhvi Kapoor

Ever since her debut with Dhadak, Janhvi Kapoor is being brutally trolled. While many call her a cheap version of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, several trolled her for her dressing style and acting. The actress was recently trolled as she stepped out with her friends for a dinner date wearing a blue backless jumpsuit. Although she looked absolutely stunning in her outfit, there were many who called her a “Kim Kardashian wannabe”.



Just because an actress wears certain clothes or loves to pose a certain way does not necessarily mean that she is trying to copy someone else. One has to also acknowledge that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner who originally are white women, tan their skin to look dusky and have artificially enhanced their breasts and haunches.


Mrunal Thakur

Mrunal Thakur has revealed that she was trolled for her body shape in the past. She had divulged that many called her ‘Matka’ for having a pear-shaped body. She stated, “I have a pear-shaped body. My briefing was always like, 'Mrunal, you need to cut down from your lower body. ' But excuse me, that's my body type.” The pear-shaped body type is a common body structure of Indian women. So, body-shaming someone for having a certain body type is unfair and not right.



Mrunal further added, “If I cut down -- I start losing weight from my face, then my upper body and then it would reach my lower body - I will still have that shape. So rather than people calling me Matka and me feeling bad, I take a lot of pride in it.” Everyone loves a queen who promotes self-love!


Nushrratt Bharuccha

Nushrratt Bharuccha is coming up with a new social comedy that talks about the societal taboo topic of the importance of the use of condoms. ‘Janhit Mein Jaari’ which will release on June 10, sees the actress portraying the role of a condom salesgirl. When she posted the posters of the film on her social media feed, several swarmed the comments section to insult the actress. Many called her obscene while several made inappropriate comments about the actress’ character.



As a response, Nushrratt posted a video, calling every one of them out and stating that this is the sole reason why condoms should be talked about more. The actress ended her video with a powerful message, “Aap ungli uthaiye, main aavaj uthaungi (you raise your fingers at me, I’ll raise my voice for justice).”


Mandira Bedi

Actress Mandira Bedi lost her husband, film director Raj Kaushal on June 30, 2021. Visuals during the period showed a visibly devastated Mandira performing the last rites of her husband. She seemed inconsolable and traumatized after losing someone she loved overnight due to a massive heart attack. The actress slowly came out of her grief to enjoy the wedding of her close friend Mouni Roy on January 27, 2022. This was the first time the actress posted on her social media after the death of Raj Kaushal. She shared how difficult it was for her to cope with the grief but how she is slowly recovering.



A post shared by Mandira Bedi (@mandirabedi)


But many did not want to see the actress moving on in her life. They wanted her to mourn more and felt she wasn’t mourning enough. The actress was even brutally trolled after she recently posted some photos of her in a pool with her male friends. Several trolls felt that she did not look like a widow and that she should be ashamed to be partying after the death of her husband.

These types of trolling are not only harmful to the ones getting trolled but are also extremely unfair to them. No one knows what a person who lost their loved ones is going through and if they are trying to move on from the trauma, they should not be dragged back into it.


Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi is indeed a beauty and with amazing body flexibility too. She is no doubt a great dancer and her routine dancing makes her body fit and healthy. So, she obviously will flaunt her curves. But many have a problem with that as they claim that she is flaunting a made-up body.



The actress was once seen at the airport in a bodycon dress that enhanced her curvy hips. But many believed it to be surgically augmented and called her a fake. But they forget to recall that Nora is a dancer who can very well move her hips and torso to the beats. She has also several times shared her workout routines and that can help one keep their body in shape.


Neetu Kapoor

Neetu Kapoor is one of the most talented veteran actresses in Bollywood. She has delivered some amazing performances and hence is immensely respected across the entertainment industry. But trolls do not spare mercy on her as well. Neetu lost her partner and husband of 43 years, Rishi Kapoor on April 30, 2020. Rishi Kapoor was battling leukaemia before he finally succumbed to the disease in 2020. The actress revealed that she was devastated about losing someone she spent half her life with and to cope with that, she immersed herself in work and socializing with others.

But trolls were not impressed by the amount of work the actress had taken up. Many felt that she was not mourning enough and that she was being insensitive towards her late husband.



This again reminds one of Mandira Bedi and Shehnaaz Gill who were trolled for the same reasons. Schooling women who are trying to move on from tragic incidents in life and dragging them down is not only malicious but also very unjust.

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