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AIADMK coordinator Panneerselvam opposes 'single leadership' demands for party

Chennai: AIADMK coordinator O. Panneerselvam on Thursday opposed the scheme of "single leadership" to pilot the party proposed by functionaries while stressing that this is not the right time for the plan of action.

Earlier on Tuesday, parties' district secretaries and senior functionaries at an internal meeting mooted "unitary leadership" in the party.

This dual leadership tenure between O Panneerselvam (AIADMK Coordinator) and Edappadi Palaniswami (AIADMK deputy coordinator) has created huge confusion in the minds of AIADMK cadres and supporters.

The party cadres, supporters, followers, leaders, and MLAs have been raising the issue for the past several months that the AIADMK leaders are not able to fight as opposition due to dual leadership for the party.

While speaking to reporters late in the day at his residence in Chennai, Panneerselvam said, "Everything was going smooth in AIADMK with dual leadership but suddenly there is chaos in the party demanding single leadership & there is no need for single leadership for the party at this time."

In the AIADMK District Secretary meeting held on June 14, a debate regarding the need for single leadership for the party resurfaced again. While talking to the reporters, Former Minister and Party organisational secretary Jayakumar mentioned, "Majority of AIADMK district secretaries spoke in favour of single leadership in the party".

"This has put turmoil in the party once again about the need for single leadership. For the past two days, both Edappadi K. Palaniswami and O Panneerselvam camps are discussing the issue separately with their loyalties. The issue of single leadership has created confusion in the party. A Council meeting is planned for June 23."

He added "Former Chief Minister Jayalalitha is the only person suited for General Secretary of AIADMK. Post her demise, we created a new post for AIADMK as Coordinator & Co-Coordinator. In 2017, when EPS and I got together, I was denied the Deputy Chief Minister's position. But that time Prime Minister Modi asked me to accept Deputy Chief Minister Post. I refused at first but PM asked me to do so, I followed his words."

"Everything was smooth. But I don't know suddenly why this singular leadership topic has popped up. I don't want to point out any names who are the reason for this. For me, Party & Party Cadres are first," he stated.

"As we are in opposition, this is not the right time to speak about single leadership & we have to be together as a party. My only point is that AIADMK should never get split," he further stated.

"Party should have dual leadership & should form 14 members committee to take important decisions in the party. I pray to god that this problem should end peacefully for the benefit of the party," he said. (ANI)

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