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After new evidence, Sheikh Hasina govt to file fresh appeal for deportation of Mujibur Rahman's killer from Canada

New Delhi: Bangladesh will be making a fresh appeal to Canada for the deportation of Noor Chaudhury -- the convicted killer of Bangladesh's Father of the Nation 'Bangabandhu', Sheikh Mujibur Rahman -- after the revelation made in a new documentary about him freely living in Canada.

Speaking to ANI, Khalilur Rahman, Bangladesh's High Commissioner in Canada, said, "We are not sitting here silently and after the new evidence on the CBC documentary, we are making a fresh appeal to the Canadian government for his early deportation".

Rahman said that Noor Chaudhury went to Canada around 28 years ago in 1996 and despite being a convicted killer in a heinous crime, he has been living there freely and the Bangladesh government is trying multiple ways to deport him.

"We have been trying all the ways and requesting the government of Canada to deport him to Bangladesh to face the verdict. This judicial process possess has been very transparent free fear. It has been certified even by Amnesty International that the accused were given all the chances opportunities to make them innocent," he said.

The Bangladesh envoy also questioned Canada and other developed countries for their "double standard" in the name of human rights.

"Our friends (Canada) are really not about trying to appreciate our concerns and that is our problem...Canada and some other developed countries they all talk about protection and promotion of human diets. This Noor Chaudhury violated human rights with crime against humanity, still they are protecting him. They are protecting the rights of a killer but they are not doing justice to the victim and the families of the victim...this is really double standard," Rahman added.

High Commissioner Rahman further informed that Bangladesh is going to make a fresh appeal to the Canadian government regarding the deportation of Noor Chaudhury.

"It was known to us that he was living in that house, but he had never been caught in camera...So it was only revolution was that he was spot on camera. We are not sitting idle. Every day, every moment we are taking this case.

With this CBC documentary, all of them (Canadian officials) now know who they are hosting for the last 28 years. So we will be reaching out each and everybody and make a fresh appeal that the government of Canada should sit in a meaning dialogue for his deportation to Bangladesh," he further said.

He stated that other than Noor Chaudhury, several other convicted criminals are also living freely in Canada, however, Dhaka attaches this particular case with utmost priority.

"The biggest attack in Bangladesh on July 1, 2016. The mastermind was realized in Canada. He went to Bangladesh from here so these are the things and we have clear evidence of presence of some convicted money launderers in Canada and we have also requested for their deportation," he added.

Notably, India has also accused the Justin Trudeau administration in Canada of giving refuge to anti-India Khalistani elements. (ANI)

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