Wednesday, October, 04,2023

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Record auction of major mineral blocks planned

Jaipur: Apart from speeding up drilling, sampling, survey and related work in mineral exploration through RSMET in the state, basic facilities for these will be expanded. Along with speeding up the exploration work of the vast mineral wealth of the state, e-auction will be done on the portal of Government of India after preparing maximum blocks.

ACS Mines Veenu Gupta said on Monday that in the current financial year a new record will be created for auction of record major mineral blocks. She was taking a meeting of Rajasthan State Mineral Exploration Trust at Udyog Bhavan.

In the first year itself, 72 mining lease blocks have been prepared for auction by RSMET, while the availability and quality of mineral deposits have been assessed by analyzing 13445 samples.

“Basic infrastructure facilities will be developed for various purposes in the state so that the exploration survey work can be taken further,” she said.

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