Thursday, January, 27,2022

Food Dept’s plate full! Can’t cater to Min’s queer demand

Jaipur: The officials of Food & Supplies Department aren’t able to fulfil the strange demands of its new minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas.

The minister has demanded a staff of total 18 personnel for his office & residence. This includes clerks, peons, drivers etc.

The department has so far, been able to arrange 8 personnel only. Some of the staffers are making excuses not to work at the minister’s place.

Secretary Naveen Jain is worried as to how to spare staff from dept’s small cadre strength.

When PSK was Transport Minister, Naveen Jain was coincidentally CMD Roadways. At that time, the Minister’s similar demand was fulfilled as there were hundreds of staff in the Roadways. But this time, Naveen Jain is facing a dilemma.

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