Thursday, January, 27,2022

Delhi lawyer files complaint against SP MP Shafikur Rehman Barq for remark on Ram Temple construction

New Delhi: A Delhi-based lawyer on Thursday filed a complaint with Delhi Police against Samajwadi Party (SP) Lok Sabha MP Shafikur Rehman Barq for his recent statement on Ram Temple construction.

According to the complaint, Shafikur Rehman Barq in his recent statement stated that "Ram temple being built forcibly, construction is against the law. The Babri Masjid was martyred and the temple is being built." Advocate Vineet Jindal, a practising lawyer of Delhi states in the complaint that the "Supreme Court of India passed a judgment dated November 9, 2019, after which the Ram Mandir temple construction was started in Ayodhya, and a separate land was also provided to the Muslim community for the construction of Mosque but the statement made by the accused questions the judgment passed by the Supreme court which is a contempt to the court's judgement and also provocative, inflammatory, derogatory and inciting statement with an intent to wage war between the Hindu and Muslim communities".

The complainant alleged that such a statement by a popular public person who is also a sitting Member of Parliament is an "attempt to create hatred between the Hindu and Muslim community and also incites Muslim community to develop a distrust for the judiciary, against Hindu community and the secular and democratic setup of our country thus it is an effort to create riots and wage war in the country".

Jindal has sought an FIR against the Lok Sabha MP under sections 121, 153, 153A and B, 295, 298 and 505 of India Penal Code (IPC) which are cognizable offences and very serious in nature.

"We are a secular country which believes in the law of the land which secures and

ensures equality among all the people irrespective of their caste, race and religion but the influential public figures who have certainly an indelible impact on generation now and generations to come if would indulge in negative statements against the judgments passed by the honourable court of India which are in cohesion with the principles laid by the constitution of India, then how could the youth of India firmly believe in its secular and democratic nature," the complaint read. (ANI)

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