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Being trolled due to viral social media video, elderly man hangs himself to death

Lohawat: Social media trolling took the life of a cart puller in Rajasthan. The man was allegedly fed up with being trolled constantly and was sick of people making fun of him. Therefore, the man decided to end his life by hanging himself near the highway.

The man, identified as Pratapram Chohatan, was spotted by locals hanging himself on a tree adjoining the main road.

The man became famous after a video of him went viral and turned him into a meme.
A video was shot by a group that included a Japanese female tourist, who was visiting the area 2-3 months ago and was travelling with 2-3 locals.

In the video shot by the group, Chohatan can be seen dragging his cart, and says "apko bhangaar lena hai kya". The video was put on the internet and went viral.

After identifying him from the viral video, many people would make reels with Chohatan. He was constantly subject to trolling, which eventually resulted in him taking this extreme step.

Chohatan supposedly hung himself in front of other people near the Phalodi state highway. As soon as they saw him hang himself, onlookers rushed to the spot to save him but were unable to.

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