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'Pirates Of The Caribbean' star Sergio Calderon passes away at 77

Los Angeles: Veterana actor Sergio Calderon is no more.
As per The Hollywood Reporter, Sergio died on Wednesday. He was 77. Calderon portrayed a Mexican revolutionary at the turn of the 20th century in Duck, You Sucker! (1971), written and directed by Sergio Leone, and was a murderous Mexican chief of police opposite Albert Finney in John Huston's Under the Volcano (1984).
He is best known for his role in 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End'. In 'At World's End', Calderon played one of the film's Pirate Lords, Captain Eduardo Villanueva of the Adriatic Sea. The actor posted photos to social media of himself and franchise star Johnny Depp as well as rock star Keith Richards, who played the Pirate Lord of Madagascar and Depp's father in the film.
He guest-starred as the colourful bandit Malavida Valdese on the premiere episode of NBC's The A-Team in 1983, then returned as the river pirate El Cajon (The Coffin) at the start of the show's third season a year later.
Calderon played Alfonso, one of the Hondurans, in the Arthur Hiller comedy The In-Laws (1979) -- it was the role that got him his SAG card -- and fans of the original Men in Black (1997) know him as the "head on a stick" held by an extraterrestrial "illegal alien" attempting to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border in the Barry Sonnenfeld film.
Later, Calderon was the Spanish pirate lord Capt. Vallenueva in Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End (2007).
Among the three dozen or so films on his resume were The Revengers (1972), The Children of Sanchez (1978), Le Chevre (1981), Old Gringo (1989), The Missing (2003), The Ruins (2008) and Little Fockers (2010). He also showed up on the final season of the FX series Better Things last year.
He is survived by his wife, Karen Dakin; children Patrick Calderon-Dakin and Johanna Calderon-Dakin, son-in-law Raaj; and grandchildren Krishnaavi, Emiliano and Victoria. (ANI)

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