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'Dirty Mary Crazy Larry' producer Mickey Zide passes away at 90

Washington: 'Dirty Mary Crazy Larry' producer Mickey Zide passed away at the age of 90 on November 10 in La Quinta, Calif. due to natural causes.
According to Variety, Zide, a Detroit native who started his career as a salesperson for Columbia Pictures, is the third generation of his family to work in the movie industry. The largest independent distributor in the Midwest, Allied Film Exchange, was controlled by his father Jack and brother Martin. It distributed movies for companies including AIP, Crown, and Atlantic Releasing. Zide joined James H. Nicholson, an AIP producer who later founded Academy Pictures, and worked with him as an associate producer on "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry," a film starring Peter Fonda and Susan George. The road criminal thriller, which was distributed by 20th Century Fox, ended up being Fox's most profitable movie of 1974.
His other works include the Italian production 'Werewolf Woman' for Dimension Pictures and the supernatural horror movie "The Legend of Hell House" with Roddy McDowell for Academy.
Later, Zide founded Academy Film Service, a company focused on studios' film storage and restoration needs.
As per a report by Variety, Zide is survived by his daughter Debbie, sons Larry and Rick Zide and nephew Warren, producer of the 'American Pie' and 'Final Destination' franchises. (ANI)

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