Thursday, January, 27,2022

DURG Addiction in Adolescents

Os it even real? Sometimes I find myself asking. Day after day listening and helping to several cases of drug addiction cases, the world around seems blurry, and the only connective clarity that roots me back to real life is that statistics say that these people need help. Not just concrete and deliberate mortal and moral support, but real psychological help and physical and medical care.

About 50% of the drug users are adolescents. Teenage, institutionalised children on whom we are entrusting our entire hope of this feebly alive life; are in the grasp of an intoxicant we middle aged parents are afraid to even talk about. Over 25% of this enormously large bunch is severely addicted. Alcohol and cigarette consumption all around adolescents has increased over 75%. The level has now come to such an extent that these 2 intoxicants are now being treated with a level of leniency and normality, given their wide consumption. The new generation of a provocatively westernised world demands a level of privacy which the still comprehending previous generation is not ready to provide. This has created the most tensed and complicated gap between both the generations, who are just climbing on to the next pedestals of life, the older one to old age and the adolescents to manhood.

These delicate stages scientifically involve many mood swings and anger outburst. This makes the relationship strained and tiresome for both parties. Now while the older generation has a defector idea and a pre-made defence mechanism and a way of dealing and overcoming times of serious stress, the younger generation is frustrated, angry and clueless. To counter this the teenager approaches mates of his own age to solve his problems.

That’s when he is offered intoxicants. Now add the stress of home, the prospect of getting an instant solution, getting a relatable friend circle, and a tap into the rebellious mindset of a teenager. As even a person with minimal logic would get, these areas make drugs a very tempting and an easy escape. Even the data proves it.

One in 67 high school children have used intoxicants at least once. That is a really really big number considering the population of our country. The solution? Start killing the cause and not the effect.

Understand your child. Know your child. And let him know you. Let him know that you are the solution to his every problem, no matter how bad, embarrassing or depressing it is.

Let him know that you’ll help him get every source of comfort he deserves, through the right way. It should be only you in the end. Not any intoxicant. Not any one else. Only you.

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