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Pranitaa Pandit: I am happy being on screen

Kavach actress Pranitaa Pandit says that she loves being an actor. And while she is aware of the uncertainty of the industry, she says that all careers are like that.

“For me, I don't think I have chosen the wrong career because this is something that I enjoy doing. I feel happy being on screen so anything that translates into a happy career for me. It has highs and lows, so does every job, and so does everything. Of course, it gets a little extreme but the entertainment industry also commends people who love the extreme. Because that's a part of them and that is the sensitive side of them that they can portray. It's a very constructive way of showcasing your talent. What you feel happy doing,” she says.

However, an alternate career is a good idea, she says, adding, “I feel people should have alternate professions too. There is no harm, if you can, you must. When you are doing well, you have to think wisely and secure yourself and be aware that it's not going to last forever. Because again when there are lows, there's nothing; so you have to plan very well and you have to be smart about it and know the ups and downs of your profession.”

People think the industry is all about fame and money, she says, adding, “I completely believe that not all that glitters is gold and mostly it is not gold 99.9%. People are mainly attracted to fame and money and rarely do they realise that the struggle is real and very few people who are also blessed can achieve it, rest 90% people are struggling. This doesn't give you a lot of stability as an actor you are never stable and mostly other career options you age, you get better and promoted, and you get a higher rank, on the contrary in the entertainment industry as you age, you only go lower so that life of your career is very short and very short-lived and it has to be used very wisely.”

Talking about success and struggle, she says, “The struggle is real and it's there for everyone. You have to prove yourself time and again, and it's not at all easy even for star families. You have to constantly work hard. I think now people are more aware of things and they don't assume that there's no struggle in the entertainment industry.”

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