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If Modi becomes PM again, elections won't be held in country: Kharge

Maharajganj (UP): Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as 'jhoothon ka sardar', Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge on Tuesday said that if he becomes the PM again, elections will not be held in the country.

Addressing a rally here in support of Congress candidate Virendra Chaudhary, Kharge claimed that Modi had not fulfilled many of his promises.

Speaking in the presence of several INDIA bloc leaders, including Samajwadi Party (SP) national general secretary Shivpal Yadav, the Congress president said, "The prime minister lies. Modi is a liar and I am saying it again and again that Modi is the chief of liars ('jhoothon ka sardar')."

"If this man (Modi) comes again (as PM), there will be no elections. There will be no candidates of Dalits, tribals, backward classes or women."

Terming the elections an ideological battle, Kharge said, "We are not fighting against any individual person be it Modi or Yogi. This is not a personal fight."

“They ask what we have done in 70 years. If we did not do anything, you could not become the PM of a democracy. You became PM as we (Congress) made the Constitution and saved democracy.

"You are trying to finish that democracy, break the Constitution. This will not happen. Dalits, tribals, backward classes, farmers and intellectuals of the country will not let you break the constitution," he said.

Targeting Union Minister of Finance for state, Pankaj Chaudhary, who is also the MP from Maharajganj, Kharge said, “The person who you elected as your representative has not done any work."

"The district shares a border with Nepal and is politically important, still the district headquarter has not been connected to a railway line. In Modi's regime, a number of sugar mills vanished from here. Why is the chief minister sitting silent?

"They talk of double engines, one of which has failed and another has derailed," he said.

These double engines could do nothing as compared to the work done by former Congress prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, he said.

"Their (BJP) work is only to abuse Congress which built dams, bridges and completed big projects," he said.

The Congress president hit out at the BJP government over the bullet train project. “Rs 1 lakh crore loan was taken from Japan. Where was that spent? Where is the bullet train?"

Kharge claimed that the BJP takes credit for works done by the Congress. "If you give RSS people a finger, they swallow the whole person."

The Congress leader also alleged the BJP was breaking governments by abusing central agencies and claimed ED and CBI are used to force “tainted” leaders to join their party.

"Shah and Modi have very big laundry, which does not wash clothes. Instead, they put a tainted person in that washing machine and he comes out pure. If anyone has seen a machine that washes a man, please tell me. This is the work of Modi-Shah,” Kharge said.

They rule by scaring people, he added.

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