Thursday, July, 18,2024

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Nimrit proving her vibe with MC Stan as she nails her performance with the rapper!

Yesterday's episode had a mix of fights and unlimited fun. India's most entertaining and controversial did not leave an opportunity to bring in Killi , a social media influencer who got  a massive hit through reels.  This later on turned out to be a task between Abdu and MC Stan.

The task was actually fun. The cute little Abdu was on one side and MC Stan on the other. Both the managers of Abdu and MC had a task to convince housemates to do a reel with their individual performers.

The exciting and the most fun loving part of the show for all Nimrit Kaur fans was to see her choosing MC. Well, the answer to the question was quite evident when both the vibe came together. MC Stan sang Divine's famous hit song Vibe Hai to which Nimrit performed with her funky steps that entertained all the fans outside.

Nimrit is the captain of the house and she will also retain the captaincy after winning a task between her and one of the housemate inside!

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