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Meet the new villain of COLORS’ 'Mangal Lakshmi': Gayatri Soham takes on her first negative role

Gayatri Soham, known for her diverse roles across films and television, took on an exciting new challenge in her acting career. For the first time, she is seen essaying a grey character on television through her portrayal of Kartik's possessive mother in COLORS' family drama ‘Mangal Lakshmi'. The show, which has captured audiences' hearts with its depiction of the enduring bond between sisters Mangal (Deepika Singh) and Lakshmi (Sanika Amit), is about to take an intriguing turn. While Mangal has been a constant support for her sister Lakshmi as she navigates her new married life with Kartik (Shubham Dipta), a formidable force is brewing that may disrupt the couple's happiness. It is the overbearing mother-in-law Gayatri Nigam, played by Gayatri Soham. A woman consumed by her possessiveness over her son Kartik, Gayatri is determined to undermine Lakshmi's efforts to build a loving relationship with her husband. Through subtle manipulations and creating misunderstandings, she schemes to drive a wedge between the newlyweds. For Gayatri, who has predominantly taken on positive roles throughout her illustrious career, delving into the grey shades of Gayatri's character is an exciting artistic challenge.
Gayatri Soham essaying the role of Gayatri Nigam in COLORS’ ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ says, “Playing the character of Kartik's mother Gayatri in Mangal Lakshmi has been a very rewarding experience for me as an actor. At first, Gayatri seems like a typical controlling and possessive mother-in-law who doesn't want to share her son's love and attention after his marriage. Deep down, Gayatri's behaviour stems from her fear of losing the most important person in her life - her son Kartik. The thought of having to share that close bond with another woman after his marriage scares and unsettles her. While her actions of creating tensions between Kartik and his wife Lakshmi are wrong, they come from her inner struggles to let go and make space for someone new in her son's life. This role is special because I played positive characters until now. This role is my first grey character, and my voice really helps me bring her to life in a believable way. I hope the show earns me recognition as Gayatri, the actor, and the character.” 

In the current storyline, Mangal has been awarded by the police for her commendable work for the women of society. However, Adit is not happy seeing all the attention Mangal is receiving from her family. Meanwhile, Lakshmi discovers some torn legal papers scattered around Gayatri's room. When Lakshmi questions her about the papers, Gayatri gives a false reason, claiming she is changing her name on all her documents after marriage. Will Lakshmi uncover Gayatri’s plan?

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