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International singer Jason Derulo and global sensation Nora Fatehi to collaborate on a brand new International Single

Hold on to your seats, music lovers! This just in, Jason Derulo just dropped some exciting news in a chat with Kris Fade of Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4. The radio channel shared a snippet of the interview on their Instagram page where the global superstar revealed that his latest collaboration is with none other than another global sensation – Nora Fatehi, for a brand new international single! Jason couldn’t hide his excitement as he talked about how this powerhouse duo is set to bring something fresh and electrifying to the music scene.

In his interview with Kris, he says, “I am doing a collaboration today with Nora, Indian artist, that is incredible and we have a song coming out! Can’t say what the name is.. but it’s a really really great collaboration and there’s a ton of dancing in this. I’m in the middle of a desert in Morocco about to shoot the music video.”

On hearing this, Kris Fade chipped in saying, “Nora Fatehi was in our studio almost a month ago and she’s very very talented. I love the fact that you guys are doing a collab together!”

To which Jason replies, “Yeh man I love it because, I don’t think the people would’ve guessed it. I think it’s one of those things that kinda popped out of nowhere but we have a mutual friend who is this fantastic producer that’s coming around. He connected us and they played me this record and I was like yo this is……”

The story only said so much. We suppose the full video interview is yet to come up. But the news that they’re coming has already got fans buzzing with excitement. Nora Fatehi, known for her vibrant performances and incredible dance skills is sure to bring her signature energy to this exciting collaboration!

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