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Nia Sharma opens up about handling kitchen blunders on the set of COLORS’ ‘Laughter Chefs Unlimited Entertainment’

It’s a blast every weekend on COLORS' ‘Laughter Chefs Unlimited Entertainment’ as celebrities try their hand at cooking. One among them Nia Sharma is currently putting her culinary skills to the test and a recent incident on set showcased her admirable grit and dedication to her craft. During one of the intense cooking challenges, Sharma accidentally hurt herself while frying food at her station. Amid fast-paced culinary action, she bumped into one of the drawers, causing another injury. Rather than getting flustered or upset, Nia handled the situation with remarkable poise and calm. Without missing a beat, the actor took care of her injury right away, ensuring she could continue participating in the challenge and creating the dish assigned to her. 
Nia Sharma recounted, “I think I’m a decent cook and I’m thrown off by minor cooking hazards. When a little bit of the oil splattered on me, I didn't let it freak me out. But right after I bumped into one of the drawers. Despite these two incidents, all I wanted was to finish cooking and do it well. I didn't think much about it then, but later I saw it had left a little bit of a blister on my stomach. It's just part of cooking—there are ups and downs, but they all add up to the fulfilling experience of preparing a dish.”

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