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Ideo: Presenting Musician King’s Latest Rap Hit ‘BAWE MAIN CHECK’

Musician King is currently receiving immense love for his latest album, ‘MM’ (Monopoly Moves). Proving to be unstoppable, he’s been dropping one blockbuster song after another. Following the success of the album’s first three songs - ‘GOAT SHIT’, ‘STILL THE SAME’ and ‘WAY BIGGER’, King has now released the latest song titled ‘BAWE MAIN CHECK’. Created in collaboration with rapper Raga and produced by music producer UKato, the song features both artists delivering a raw and energetic number that resonates with the audience.

Opening up about the song, King said, “'BAWE MAIN CHECK' is all about celebrating the journey and growth we've achieved. It's a track that keeps the energy high and stays true to who we are. I'm excited for everyone to vibe with this one." 

Fans of King had long awaited the complete album release, and now, with the fourth song from the ‘MM’ album out, he is set to break new records with his music worldwide.

Check out the song here -

Sung, written, and composed by KING and Raga, ‘BAWE MAIN CHECK’ is now streaming on all music platforms and is available to watch on King’s YouTube page under the Warner Music India label.

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