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COLORS’ ‘Mangal Lakshmi’: Udit Narayan’s voice brings chaar chaand to Lakshmi and Kartik’s sangeet ceremony

COLORS’ ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ has been captivating viewers with its heartfelt narrative, portraying the journey of two sisters navigating life's challenges while striving for mutual respect in their relationships. In this touching family drama, Mangal (portrayed by Deepika Singh) is a guardian and confidante to her sister Lakshmi (played by Sanika Amit). Despite facing her own marital struggles, Mangal tirelessly seeks a partner who will cherish Lakshmi. Eventually, she discovers Kartik (portrayed by Shubham Dipta) as one of the eligible suitors for her sister. Now that Mangal has finally found a perfect husband for Lakshmi, she is leaving no stone unturned in the celebrations and preparations. This celebration will be joined by none other than the legendary singer Udit Narayan, who will perform at Lakshmi and Kartik’s sangeet ceremony.

Expressing his emotions about this wedding, here is what Udit Narayan said, “It is wonderful to be a part of Lakshmi and Kartik’s sangeet ceremony. This event in particular feels so special because Mangal and her family made me feel so welcomed and a part of their family. “Dil bhar aaya” when I looked at the sister-love between Mangal and Lakshmi. For my performance, I will be singing some of my favourite songs through which I hope to uplift the spirits of not only the newlyweds but also the viewers of the show.”

Watch the tale of two sisters ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ airing every day at 9:00 pm only on COLORS!

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