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Abhishek Kumaarr and Lavina Israni Shine in Shahid Mallya's 'Tu Junoon Sa Laga

The vibrant world of music has been stirred with the release of "Tu Junoon Sa Laga," a captivating melody featuring the talented duo of Abhishek Kumaarr and Lavina Israni. Sung soulfully by Shahid Mallya and enriched with heartfelt lyrics penned by Liyakat Ajmeri and Husna Khan, Produced by Aakash Vashistha and  this musical masterpiece is helmed under the artistic direction of Arshad Siddqui.

Abhishek Kumaarr, renowned for his incredible roles in television dramas such as "Naagin," "Kumkum Bhagya," and the recently acclaimed "Ishq Vishq Rebound," brings his distinct charm and versatility to the music scene. Lavina Israni, celebrated for her enchanting presence in numerous music videos, has also graced screens alongside Sharad Malhotra, adding depth and allure to the visual narrative.

'Tu Junoon sal kaga' Released on July 15 has quickly become a sensation, resonating deeply with audiences who have showered it with immense love and appreciation. In just a short span, the song has garnered over 600,000 views on Iris Music's official YouTube channel, a testament to its wide appeal and the strong connection it has forged with listeners. With its infectious melody and evocative lyrics, "Tu Junoon Sa Laga" is on a rapid ascent to the million-view milestone, promising a lasting impact on the hearts of music enthusiasts everywhere.

"Tu Junoon Sa Laga" stands out not only as a beautiful addition to the musical landscape but also as a reflection of the artistic synergy between its creators. As it continues to climb the charts and win hearts, this song is set to become an enduring favorite in the playlists of music lovers everywhere.

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