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"For students justice, Modi govt must be held accountable": Kharge targets Centre over NEET-PG postponement

New Delhi: Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge slammed the Centre over the postponement of the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Postgraduate (NEET PG) Examination and said that for students to get justice, the Modi government must be held accountable.
In a post on X, Kharge said, "In the NEET Scam, the buck stops at the doorstep of the top echelons of the Modi Govt. Shuffling the bureaucrats is no solution to the endemic problem in the Education system rotted by the BJP. NTA was projected to be an autonomous body, but in reality, was made to serve the devious interests of the BJP/RSS."
"For students to get Justice, Modi Govt must be held accountable. Now, the NEET-PG Exam has been postponed. 4 examinations have been either cancelled/postponed in the past 10 days. Paper Leaks, Corruption, Irregularities and Education Mafia have infiltrated our Education system. This belated whitewashing exercise is of no consequence as countless youth continue to suffer!" he added.
Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi also took to X and said that under the BJP rule, the entire education system has been handed over to the mafia and the corrupt.
"NEET-UG:- paper leak, NEET-PG:- cancelled, UGC-NET:- cancelled, CSIR-NET:- Cancelled, today this is the condition of some of the biggest examinations in the country," she said.
"Under the BJP rule, the entire education system has been handed over to the mafia and the corrupt. The political stubbornness and arrogance of handing over the country's education and the future of the children to greedy and sycophantic incompetent people have made paper leaks, cancellation of exams, disappearance of education from campuses and political hooliganism the identity of our education system," Priyanka said.
The Congress leader further mentioned that the situation has become such that the BJP government cannot conduct even an examination fairly.
"Today, the BJP government has become the single biggest hurdle in front of the future of the youth. The capable youth of the country are wasting their precious time and energy in fighting the corruption of the BJP and the helpless Modi ji is just watching the spectacle," she added.
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare postponed the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Postgraduate (NEET PG) Examination on Saturday, which was scheduled to be held on Sunday and said that a fresh date will be announced at the earliest.
Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin also targeted the Centre and said that the cancellation of exams has thrown thousands of doctors into despair.
"The cancellation of NEET-PG by NBE, following the cancellation of UGC-NET, has thrown thousands of our doctors into deep despair. Let us not forget the fact that these happenings are not one-off events but the final nails in the coffin of an incompetent and broken system of centralised selection. As this scam unravels, let us plan for a better future and join our hands," Stalin said on X.

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