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Adani Group's Mundra Port turns 25

Mundra: Mundra Port in Gujarat has completed 25 years of its operations, highlighting its expansion and evolution as one of the largest ports globally.

Since berthing its first ship, MT Alpha on October 7, 1998, the port has been positioning itself as one of the premier and technologically advanced ports on the global map.

According to a release, Mundra Port since its inception has ascended to prominence and has contributed over Rs 2.25 lakh crore to the state and national exchequer over the past 25 years. Also, it has generated employment exceeding 7.5 crore man-days.
From a handful of tonnes in 1998, Mundra went on to handle 100 MMT in 2014, the first in India to do so. Today, the port handles over 155 MMT (again the first in India), which constitutes nearly 11 per cent of India's maritime cargo.

Mundra is also the export-import gateway for container traffic. About 33 per cent of India's container traffic flows through the port across a dedicated freight corridor that offers the unique facility of double-stack containers from the northern hinterland to Mundra.

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani said, "Mundra, for me, is much more than just a port. It is the beachhead of a horizon of possibilities for the entire Adani Group. 25 years ago, when we started the journey, we dreamt of a beacon that would represent India's march forward. The heartbeat of this commitment resonates not just in Mundra but throughout the nation and echoes in the confidence of every stakeholder who had the faith to sail on this journey with us."

"Along with our employees and partners, we did not merely construct a port; we sculpted an emblem of global excellence, transforming an entire region and crafting new blueprints. Our confidence has never been higher and Mundra will continue to trailblaze, setting benchmarks on the global canvas," the Chairman added.
CEO and Whole Time Director, Karan Adani said, "What was once barren is now India's EXIM gateway and an extraordinary global hub for trade and commerce. I would say, very confidently, that we have succeeded in creating a powerful catalyst for India's growth - and I also believe that our journey has just begun."

Mundra Port serves the vast northern hinterland with seamless multimodal connectivity. Spread over 35,000 acres, Mundra boasts of state-of-the-art facilities including the largest coal, natural gas, and auto terminals.

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