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Kashmir file fame Darshan Kumaar will be seen in grey shade in the film "RMCS”

Kashmir file Fame actor Darshan Kumaar is well-known for his avant-garde roles. He is now portraying a very grey role for the public in the upcoming film RMCS, directed by young filmmaker Gabriel Vats. In the movie, Darshan Kumaar will play a highly fashionable persona. The majority of the work in the intriguing and innovative plot revolves around Darshan Kumaar’s menacing appearance. The movie's producers have officially announced the release of the movie on social media.

Actor Darshan Kumaar says, "I am honoured to be associated with this film, because I really got an opportunity to explore myself in a different kind of role. I have no doubt that my character will be adored by the public and that the movie will do well at the box office. This is really a different kind of experience working with director Gabriel Vats. RMCS is a film that no one should miss because of its unique story.”

Director Gabriel Vats notes that Darshan Kumaar’s character in the film is a profoundly disturbed young man. I am not allowed to discuss much about the movie's narrative, but he is a truly unique character. The narrative of the movie RMCS (Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi) revolves around a torture game at a rehabilitation facility. when the entire system is collapsing due to the king's supremacy. That sounds like a dramatic and exciting story. Although it's too soon to tell, this will be Darshan Kumaar’s most shocking appearance and character to yet.

The movie RMCS, which is being produced under the Tea and Poetry Films banner, is being produced by Neeraj Sharma and Seema Saini. Seema Saini wrote the story and screenplay, and Gabriel Vats is the director. Sanjoy Bose and Seema Saini composed the music, which will be released by T-Series. The film stars Shaan and Shahid. Songs have been recorded in the voices of Shahid Mallya, Nakkash Aziz, Dev Negi, Brijesh Shandilya, Pratibha Singh Baghel, and the late KK.

This will be a pan India film which will be released in theatres next year in Hindi as well as Tamil, Telugu languages.

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