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Global Star Ram Charan to land in Rajahmundry for "Game Changer"

Global star Ram Charan is set to travel to Rajahmundry on Friday, June 9th, for the final shooting schedule of the highly anticipated political action thriller "Game Changer."  The actor will arrive at Rajahmundry airport around 6 PM, where he will be greeted by a massive welcome from his dedicated fan associations.

"Game Changer," directed by the renowned S Shankar, is touted to be a cinematic spectacle with an estimated budget of Rs 240 crore. Ram Charan will be seen in a triple role, adding another layer of intrigue to the film's narrative.  The star-studded cast includes Kiara Advani, Jayaram, and Anjali in pivotal roles.  

Following a less productive May, the "Game Changer" unit is gearing up for a crucial six-day shooting schedule in Rajahmundry, starting anytime between June 7th and 9th.  This leg of the shoot will see Ram Charan working alongside Sunil and Naveen Chandra, who play substantial supporting roles in the film.

The source reveals that the Rajahmundry schedule is expected to mark the completion of Ram Charan's portions in the film.  Following this, he is expected to shoot for a couple of days in Hyderabad, though the exact dates are yet to be finalized.  These final scenes may be filmed towards the end of June or early July.

With Charan wrapping up his role, director S Shankar will then have approximately 20-25 days to complete the remaining shoot, indicating a swift pace towards the film's release.

The Rajahmundry schedule promises to be a significant moment in the film's journey, potentially revealing more about the film's storyline and showcasing the dynamic between Ram Charan and the supporting cast.  As the film nears completion, fans are eagerly awaiting updates on "Game Changer" and the upcoming release.

The film has generated immense anticipation, with moviegoers eagerly awaiting the release, slated for September.  The pairing of Ram Charan and S Shankar, known for their cinematic brilliance, promises a compelling and visually stunning cinematic experience.

Fans are excited for the "Game Changer" promotions, which have already created a buzz, fueling curiosity about the film's storyline and characters. Dil Raju, known for his production excellence, is backing the project under the prestigious Sri Venkateswara Creations banner.

The final shooting schedule in Rajahmundry marks a significant milestone for "Game Changer," bringing the film closer to its release.  Ram Charan's arrival is sure to be a momentous occasion, as fans eagerly anticipate glimpses of the film's grand scale and the star's transformative performances.

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