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Breaking records! Munjya, India’s first CGI actor hits the 100cr milestone and continues its successful run at the box office despite big releases

Maddock Films' latest horror-comedy, "Munjya," has created an unprecedented milestone by crossing the 100 crore mark, solidifying its place as one of the biggest non-star cast blockbusters in the history of Bollywood. Munjya’s success truly highlights the power of content, as the film continues to captivate audiences and maintain a strong presence at the box office.

Despite facing tough competition from major releases like "Kalki 2898 AD”, Munjya continues to thrive as this success story is a testament to the fact that a gripping narrative and robust content can indeed capture the hearts of viewers and achieve commercial success.

The film's success story isn't over yet, as it is expected to stay in theaters for an extended period.

Historically, apart from "Munjya," the only other non-star cast blockbuster to see such success has been SS Rajamouli’s "Eega" ("Makhi" in Hindi).

After the massive successes of "Stree" and "Munjya," Maddock Films' popular horror universe is growing stronger and even more exciting. Audiences are eagerly looking forward to this year's most anticipated film, "Stree 2," set to release in cinemas on August 15, making the wait for the movie even more thrilling.

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