Sunday, February, 25,2024

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Jaipur/New Delhi: Rajasthan may hold its tradition of being a swing state — a government change every five years — as the majority of exit polls predicted a likely win for the BJP. The ruling Congress was aiming to buck the trend of alternating governments, with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot expressing confidence in the party’s performance.

Pollsters have predicted saffron dominance in Rajasthan, where the BJP attacked the ruling Congress on issues of corruption and women’s safety. According to the poll of polls published by agencies and surveys, the BJP and Congress have a close tie-up. 7 of 9 exit polls have predicted a comfortable victory for the BJP -- only two offer Congress the hope that it might scrape through. Most exit polls expect the BJP numbers to stay above 100 in the 200-member house. Exit polls, though, many times get it wrong.

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