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75.34% first-time voters exercise franchise with vigour!

Jaipur: The youth, who became voters for the first time, showed enthusiasm in electing the State government. About 75.34 percent of voters aged 18 to 19 years cast their votes. At the same time, enthusiasm was also seen among the youth aged 20 to 25 years, but less than the first- time voters as only 69.58 percent of the youth of this age cast their votes.

Similarly, the elderly people above 80, also showed zeal with 68.75 percent voters of this age bracket casting their votes. The number of first-time voters across the State is 22,61,008. The number of voters above 80 yrs, is 8,02,643.

The number of firsttime voters was highest in Jaipur district at 1,71,921, but Jaisalmer remained at the forefront in the entire state in this category of voting. Here 87.93% firsttime voters exercised their franchise. Chittor and Bundi were the districts where first-time voters came out to vote.

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