"We have to listen to voice of Global South, bring forward their priorities": PM Modi in UAE

Dubai [UAE]: Highlighting the importance of inclusivity, PM Modi on Wednesday called upon the countries at the World Governments Summit (WGS) in Dubai, to amplify the voices and priorities of the Global South in global decision-making processes.

He urged for reforms in global governance institutions to the better representation of the developing world.

"Today, when we are transforming our country, shouldn't there be reform in the Global Governance Institutions as well? We have to promote the concerns of the developing world and the participation of the Global South in global decision-making," PM Modi said.

He said that it is important to prioritise national sovereignty and also keep the dignity of international law.

"We have to listen to the voice of the Global South, we have to bring forward their priorities, we have to help the needy countries...," he said.
he also said that by bringing reforms, the nations will not only be able to tackle challenges but also foster a global bond and strengthen cooperation.

"We will have to create global prototypes for emerging challenges like AI--Artificial Intelligence and cryptocurrency, and cybercrime. We will have to give priority to our national sovereignty and also keep the dignity of international law," he added.

He also called for international collaboration and called for a "global protocol" to tackle emerging issues like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and cybercrime.

Lauding the UAE's advancement in every fora, especially Dubai, PM Modi said that the way it is "becoming the global epicentre of global economy, commerce and technology is a big thing..."

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi also emphasised that his biggest principle has been "minimum government, maximum governance" and noted that it is the government's job to ensure minimal government interference in people's lives.

"My biggest principle has been 'Minimum government, maximum governance'. I have always emphasised creating an environment in which a sense of enterprise and energy in citizens grows. I believe that it is the job of the government to ensure that government interference in people's lives is minimal," he said.

The Prime Minister said people have trust in his government's intent and commitment.

"This happened because we have given priority to people's aspirations. We are sensitive to people's needs. We have focused on fulfilling people's needs and dreams. Along with the top-down and bottom-up approaches, we have also moved with the whole of society approach," he said.

Noting that challenges of the previous century, including food, health, water and energy security, are increasing despite the progress in technology, he said that the world needs governments that are inclusive and take everyone along.

PM Modi participated in the World Government Summit 2024 in Dubai as a Guest of Honour and delivered a special keynote address at the Summit.

PM Modi arrived in UAE on Tuesday on the first leg of his two-day visit. Later in the day, he will inaugurate the BAPS temple in Abu Dhabi. 

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