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US wants India to build pressure on Russia amid Ukraine conflict

Washington: US National Security coordinator John Kirby on Saturday said that the US wanted other countries including India to help them increase the costs and consequences of the war on Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the Ukraine conflict.

Addressing a press briefing, Kirby said the US shares a deep partnership with India but Washington wants international pressure on Russia amid the Ukraine conflict.

"We're glad that India is coming. There are a lot to discuss on the agenda with India. We have a very deep partnership with them, even in the defence world," he said.

"I'll let Indian leaders speak for themselves here, but obviously, what President Biden is focused on, what the administration is focused on is making sure that the costs keep rising for Putin, that it's harder for him to wage war. And obviously, we want to see all nations participate in those kinds of efforts," Kirby added.

India in recent weeks has spiked energy imports from Russian despite global sanctions on Moscow. US officials conveyed the message to India there is no ban on energy imports from Russia but they do not want to see a rapid acceleration.

A number of institutionalized mechanisms have been set up for the development of economic cooperation between the India-Russia. But the Ukraine war and subsequent sanctions placed by the Western countries have proved to be a hurdle in trade.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar earlier this month hit back at the unfair criticism of Indian oil purchase from Russia amid the Ukraine war that has created a knock-off effect on the world economy.

While defending India's oil imports from Russia, Jaishankar stressed that it is important to understand how the Ukraine conflict is impacting the developing countries. He also questioned why only India was being questioned while Europe continues to import gas from Russia amid the Ukraine war.

Responding to a question on whether India's oil import from Russia is not funding the ongoing Ukraine war, Jaishankar said, "Look I don't want to sound argumentative. If India funding Russia oil is funding the war... Tell me then buying Russian gas is not funding the war? It's only Indian money and Russian oil coming to India funding the war and not Russia's gas coming to Europe not funding? Let's be a little even-handed."

At the GLOBSEC 2022 Bratislava Forum in Slovakia, Jaishankar said, the packages of sanctions imposed by the European Union are imposed keeping in mind the interest of certain European nations.

"...if you can be considerate to yourself, you can be considerate to other people. If a Europe says, if we have to manage it in a way impact on the economy is not traumatic, that freedom should exist for other people as well," he said. (ANI)

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