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US: Three killed, 5 injured in shooting at New Mexico bike rally

Washington: At least three people were killed and several injured in a shooting at a motorcycle rally in the Red River area of New Mexico in the US on Saturday (local time), CNN reported citing Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun.
Mayor Linda Calhoun said that five people were injured. According to New Mexico State Police (NMSP), one of those injured was airlifted to a hospital in Denver. Earlier, New Mexico State Police in a tweet stated that two people were killed and six people were injured, CNN reported.
The mayor said that all those involved in the shooting are in police custody, CNN reported citing affiliate KOAT. Linda Calhoun said that all those involved "were members of biker gangs." The New Mexico State Police said that the scene is secure and there is "no ongoing threat to public safety."
According to New Mexico State Police, the shooting occurred during the Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally. The annual rally witnesses the participation of tens of thousands to the town's Main Street for Memorial Day weekend, CNN reported citing the event's website.
According to state police, other people who suffered injuries were taken to Holy Cross Hospital in Taos and the University of New Mexico Health in Albuquerque for treatment, as per the news report.
Linda Calhoun said, "The first officer was on scene within 30 seconds of the call going out." Meanwhile, NMSP in a tweet stated, "Additional NMSP officers have been sent to Red River."
Mayor Calhoun on Saturday (local time) said that they still have an "active crime scene and ongoing investigation in light of the active shooter incident," CNN reported. She further said, "No one will be allowed near the crime scene which includes most of Main Street."
Calhoun said that state police, county sheriff department and local law enforcement have requested local businesses to remain closed on Sunday (local time) until "they complete their investigation and the crime scene is cleared."
After the shooting, Taos, about 40 miles from Red River, imposed a curfew that will remain in effect until 4 am (local time) on May 28, CNN reported citing a proclamation issued by Mayor Pascualito Maestas. According to the order, retailers, bars and other establishments will not be able to sell alcohol while the curfew is in effect. (ANI)

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