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US suspends 26 flights operated by Chinese carriers

Washington: The United States suspended 26 passenger flights operated by Chinese carriers after Beijing's aviation agency took similar action to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the US Transportation Department said in an order.
"We, therefore, conclude that the public interest now requires a further modification, effective immediately, of Order 2020-6-1, to limit Chinese carriers' scheduled services accordingly," the order said on Thursday . "In the circumstances presented, we have decided to suspend twenty-six (26) US to China passenger flight segments." The Transportation Department said the Civil Aviation Authority of China suspended 26 flights of US carriers after a rising number of passengers arriving from the United States were testing positive for COVID-19.
The order suspends a combined 26 flights scheduled to depart Los Angeles International Airport throughout September for Air China Limited, Chinese Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and Xiamen Airlines.
The Transportation Department said the order is effective immediately. (ANI)

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