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US school teacher accused of having 4-year sexual relationship with student: Report

Las Vegas: A former Las Vegas private school athletics and student leadership director has been charged with having a four-year sexual connection with a former student, Fox News reported citing reports.
Kaitlin Glover, 34, a former employee of Mountain View Christian School, faces felony lewdness with a juvenile and charges of holding a school employee position in authority while engaging in sex with a student over the age of 16, according to FOX 5 in Las Vegas.
According to a complaint from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a student claimed in June 2022 to have had sexual contact with Glover, her teacher.
The student allegedly informed police that the two had a sexual relationship between December 2017 and September 2021, after the two began exchanging messages on the social media platform Snapchat.
The station said that according to the report, “Glover began sending her nude photos through Snapchat.”
Apparently, the director allegedly picked up the student and engaged in sexual activity once to twice a week in Glover's van.
"The victim did not tell anyone about their relationship for four years because the suspect said she would kill herself if the victim left her, or she would kill herself if she told the police," the report reads, according to Fox News.
Marc Cook, a lawyer for the school, who speaks on behalf of the institution, said that the student graduated in 2021.
Glover has not worked at the school since the family came out with the allegations, according to Cook, who added that a family member informed the school about the allegations during the summer.
"The school has and will continue to cooperate with the Metropolitan Police Department, but they have not shared their findings with the school," Cook said. "We wish the very best for the former student and hope the legal process and investigation get to the truth of this matter as expeditiously as possible,” Fox News reported. (ANI)

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