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US President Biden says he'll announce on 2024 re-elections "relatively soon"

Washington: US President Joe Biden on Friday said that he will make the announcement on his 2024 re-election bid relatively soon as he has already made a decision on it, The Hill reported.
President Biden told reporters on Friday that he has already made up his mind regarding whether to seek reelection and that he will announce it "pretty shortly." "I've already made that calculus. We'll announce it relatively soon. But the trip here just reinforced my sense of optimism about what can be done," Biden said before departing Ireland for the United States, according to The Hill.
"I told you my plan is to run again," the US President added.
According to The Hill, although Biden has been hinting about a second-term bid for some months, no formal announcement has yet been made. When the president didn't make an announcement around the State of the Union address in February, advisors first speculated that Biden would do so in the spring.
A second term would begin with Biden at the age of 82. The party's 2024 convention will take place in Chicago, he and the DNC announced earlier this week.
Biden is the oldest US president in history. If he wins re-election, he would be 86 at the end of his second term.
Biden has said he intends to be the Democratic candidate in 2024 but has not made a formal announcement. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris said they will run together, reported NBC News.
Biden, 80, has consistently stated his plans to run for re-election. "I'm going to do it again," Biden said last year as he posed for a photograph in the Roosevelt Room with Sharpton. (ANI)

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