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US: Joe Biden likely to win New Hampshire primary with successful write-in campaign

New Hampshire [US]: US President Joe Biden will win the New Hampshire primary, according to early projections, which have removed the anxiousness of concerned Democrats that his lagging enthusiasm over his campaign and the absence of his name from the ballot could add up to an embarassing defeat, as reported by CNN.

The Biden supporters were set to launch an unofficial write-in campaign for the president to encourage rank-and-file Democrats to go to the polls to show their support for Biden.

Moreover, Biden was not among the 21 candidates listed on the ballot after New Hampshire defied the primary calendar set by the National Democratic Party.

US President Biden's win will be 'symbolic'', and will welcome the result as a positive sign of enthusiasm for the 81-year-old's reelection bid, as reported by CNN.

However, due to the internal party clash, Biden did not register for the primary and the results and did not yield any nominating delegates.

The byproduct of the infighting was an unusually tense run-up to the contest amid concerns that the president, already struggling to excite the Democratic base, could fail to rouse enough support to avoid what would have been a mortifying result, according to CNN.

As those worries grew, Biden surrogates began to promote a write-in campaign aimed at Granite State Democrats and the "undeclared" independents who wanted a say in the Democratic primary. However, he himself did not campaign in New Hampshire.

Earlier on Tuesday in northern Virginia, he and Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a rally for abortion rights as part of the soft launch of their 2024 general election campaign, CNN reported.

However, Biden's absence from the ballot is the most clear fallout from his and the DNC's decision to push South Carolina to the front of the primary calendar in a nod to its diversity and role in rejuvenating the former vice president's 2020 primary campaign.

But New Hampshire decided to schedule its primary ahead of South Carolina's anyway, in accordance with their own laws, creating a standoff that ultimately led the DNC to call the results "meaningless" before a vote was cast.

Notably, the Biden campaign will be closely watching the race between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley.

Moreover, if Trump wins, Tuesday's results could amount to the start of a rematch of the last presidential elections.

Earlier today, early trends projected former US President Donald Trump to win the New Hampshire GOP primary, The Hill reported, citing Decision Desk HQ.

This comes as a major blow to his rival Nikki Haley and puts Trump one step closer to securing his party's nomination and getting a historic 2020 rematch with incumbent President Joe Biden.

The Hill showed Trump leading with 53.8 per cent votes and Haley trailing at 45.5 per cent with 26 per cent of the votes counted.

According to CNN, after 15 per cent of votes counted, Trump leads with 53.1 per cent votes and 11 delegates, while Haley has 45.4 per cent votes and eight delegates.

The New York Times, on the other hand, has shown Trump winning the primary by securing 52.5 per cent of votes and 11 delegates, while Haley managing 46.6 per cent votes and six delegates. (ANI)

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