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UNAMA report reveals 'disturbing' pattern of human rights violations by Taliban: UN mission in Geneva

Geneva: United Nations mission in Geneva said that the latest United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) report reveals a "disturbing and consistent pattern of human rights violations" by the Taliban.

The UN mission in Afghanistan on Thursday released a report outlining the human rights situation prevailing in Afghanistan over the 10 months since the Taliban takeover.

The mission said that while the report highlights aspects of the Taliban's human rights violations, it does not fully reflect the number of violations and abuses reflected in this report, and the full scope of the deterioration of the human rights situation since August of last year.

UN mission said that this could be attributed to the methodology used for the report and or lack of access to places where torture and ill-treatment, unlawful killings, arbitrary arrests and detentions, and forced displacement are taking place, including in provinces of Panjshir, Parwan, Kapisa, Baghlan, Thither, Kandahar, Saripul, Nangathar and Samangan.

"It has become extremely difficult and dangerous to seek redress, register complaints, and document abuses in a climate of fear, impunity, and atmosphere of arbitary exercise of power," the UN mission said in a press release.

It further pointed out that an Australian journalist was recently threatened, detained, and forced to confess to activities that are part of a duties of a journalist. Such tactics by the group have previously been used to silence or exile Afghan activists, the UN mission highlighted.

"We appreciate UNAMA's report and efforts, despite its limitations. With civil society organizations unable to operate and the National Independent Human Rights Commission abolish., meaningful monitoring of human rights on the ground has become nearly impossible."

It said that the UNAMA has a vital role in monitoring and documentation of the violation and protection of human rights in Afghanistan.

The UN mission said that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) also have a significant role to play in preventing human rights violations and ensuring accountability, in line with Afghanistan's international obligations.

The latest report shows the state of Human Rights in Afghanistan covering the period from August 15, 2021 to June 15, 2022.

The report undoubtedly reveals a disturbing and consistent pattern of human rights violations by the Taliban, in line with the previous findings of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporieur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan, and international and non-governmental organizations. (ANI)

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