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Texas missing boy's stepdad stole USD 10K before fleeing to India: Everman Police

Texas: An Indian stepfather stole USD 10,000 in cash from his employer before leaving for India with his wife and her six children last month, leaving his 6-year-old malnourished boy.
Everman Police said that the stepfather, Arshdeep Singh who is presumed dead, stole USD 10,000 from the company for which he worked prior to escaping the country. "The data has supported that Noel's disappearance most likely occurred near the last week of October, 2022, approximately 6 months ago. Additionally, financial records indicated that the plane tickets to India for Cindy, Arshdeep, and all six children were purchased on a credit card belonging to Arshdeep," read an Everman Police Department media release.
Police in the Dallas suburb of Everman believe Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez is dead. He was last seen around the time his mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, gave birth to twin girls in October, police said.

On Tuesday Everman Chief of Police CW Spencer released several new details in the investigation into the search for Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, a 6-year-old boy who appeared malnourished and unhealthy the last time extended family members said they saw him alive in October 2022.
Investigators also noticed an abnormally large cash deposit into Arshdeep's bank account. This deposit took place on March 22nd, just hours before fleeing the country.
Investigators learned that Arshdeep had paid a visit to one of his places of employment prior to making that cash deposit. Arshdeep had access to the company safe as a part of his normal job responsibilities. Investigators learned that Arshdeep first fraudulently altered the company's cash deposit records, likely in order to try and prevent detection. Arshdeep then removed USD 10,000 in cash from the company safe, travelled to the nearest bank, and deposited USD 8,000 of that cash into his own personal account.
"We have now obtained an additional warrant for the arrest of Arshdeep for Felony Theft. We are sharing a still image with you today of Arshdeep making that deposit," read the statement.
The couple flew to India on March 22 with six other children. Two days earlier, police had been asked by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to do a welfare check on the children at the couple's home. During that visit, Rodriguez-Singh told officers that Noel was staying with family in Mexico.
"Today marks one month since the initial Amber Alert for this case was issued. Since then, this investigative team has spent thousands of man-hours on this case, followed more than 70 leads, issued more than two dozen search warrants, arrest warrants, and subpoenas, and conducted countless interviews. This investigation has taken us across state and country borders. Investigators have worked to compile a mountainous amount of information, data, and evidence in this case. Each and every single day, we get closer and closer to the answers that we all seek. Although it has been a month, and we have not yet found Noel, rest assured that we have not stopped the fight; not even close. We will continue to fight for Noel until we have the answers that we need," read the statement. (ANI)

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