Wednesday, September, 22,2021

Taliban brings back 'Virtue and Vice' Ministry, will implement Islamic laws

The Taliban has brought back the 'Ministry of Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice' in Afghanistan, which was abolished during the US-led military occupation in the country.

Its return sent a collective shudder through many Afghans, who remembered it for its strict interpretation of Islamic law, reported New York Post. "The main purpose is to serve Islam. Therefore, it is compulsory to have Ministry of Vice and Virtue," Mohammad Yousuf said, who heads the central zone of Afghanistan.

"We will punish as per the Islamic rules. Whatever Islam guides us, we will punish accordingly. Islam has its rules for major sins. For example, killing someone has different rules. If you do it intentionally, if you know the person and intentionally kill the person, you will be killed back. If not intentional, then there might be another punishment like paying a certain amount of money. If there is a theft, the hand will be cut off. If there is illegal intercourse, the violators will be stoned," he further said.

"We just want a peaceful country with Islamic rules and regulations. Peace and Islamic rulings are the only wishes we have," he added.

During the Taliban's last reign, from 1996 to 2001, women were forced to wear a burqa, not go outside without a male guardian.

Prayer timings were brutally imposed, men were forced to grow beards. Moral police were installed in every street, to punish violators with harsh punishments like flogging, amputations, public executions, reported New York Post.

Signs of such incidents have started re-appearing on the streets of Kabul.

Afghan women, who were protesting against the all-male Afghanistan's new interim government on Wednesday in Kabul, were driven away by the Taliban.

The Taliban used whips and sticks against the protesters in the latest crackdown on dissent in Afghanistan, reported CNN. Videos and images received by CNN show the women chanting, "Long live the women of Afghanistan."

Some held placards declaring "No government can deny the presence of women" and "I will sing freedom over and over." The Taliban also beat up journalists covering the demonstration, according to witnesses.

One woman at Wednesday's protest said, "We have gathered here to protest the recent announcement of the government where there is no woman representation in this government."

She said a few of the protesters were "hit with whips and they told us to go to our homes and recognize and accept the Emirate. Why should we accept the Emirate while no inclusion or rights have been given to us?" (ANI)

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