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Serbians rally against violence, demand ban on violent TV content after two mass shootings

Belgrade: In the wake of two incidents of mass shootings in Serbia, thousands of citizens took to the streets in the capital city of Belgrade on Monday, demanding better security and a strict ban on violent TV content, reported Al Jazeera.
The protesters demanded the resignation of key ministers following the two deadly shooting incidents. Eight students and a security guard were killed last Wednesday by a youngster who entered his building with two firearms. A teacher and six more students were injured.
The next evening, a 21-year-old man attacked a group of individuals in central Serbia with an assault rifle and a pistol, leaving 14 people injured. Both shooters surrendered to the police.
The closure of TV networks and tabloids was sought by demonstrators and supporters of the opposition they accused of spreading violent and coarse content, according to Al Jazeera.
Additionally, protesters demanded the resignation of the state security agency's director, Aleksandar Vulin, and Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic, along with the removal of the government's Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media (REM) within a week.
Branko Ruzic, the nation's education minister, resigned on Sunday. In his letter of resignation, he cited the "cataclysmic tragedy" brought on by last week's school shooting, Al Jazeera reported.
Additionally, protesters urged that parliament convene an urgent session and hold a discussion on the state of general security. (ANI)

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