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Russian missile strikes damage historic Orthodox Ukrainian cathedral in Odesa

Kyiv: The Russian missile strikes that killed at least one and injured many have destroyed a famous Orthodox cathedral in the southern Ukrainian port city of Odesa, reported CNN.
In the latest wave of attacks on Odesa, several other historic buildings have also been destroyed. The largest church structure in Odesa is the Transfiguration Cathedral. It was consecrated in 1809 and later demolished in 1936 during the Soviet era. However, when Ukraine became an independent nation, the structure underwent a reconstruction.
Videos circulating on social media revealed the cathedral's interior was filled with debris. According to Ukrainian officials, the patroness of the city's icon had been rescued from the ruins, CNN reported.
The cathedral is located in Odesa's city centre, which UNESCO designated a World Heritage Site in response to the invasion threat from Russia.
The Russian missiles have damaged as many as twenty-five architectural monuments in Odesa, the Ukrainian port city, alleged a Ukrainian local official, reported CNN.
Russia “deliberately aimed their missiles at the historic city centre of Odesa” which is protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), said Oleh Kiper, the head of the region’s military administration.
“Everything that was built with hard work by great architects is now being destroyed by cynical inhumans,” said Kiper.
Odesa is a significant cultural hub with long ties to Russia. Earlier this week, Russia launched a barrage of drones and missiles overnight at the Ukrainian port city of Odesa, CNN reported. Russia had cited Ukraine's attack on the Crimea bridge for launching a strike on Odesa. (ANI)

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