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Pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong urges G7 leaders to stop China from committing human rights violations

Hiroshima: William Lee, a Pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong, based in Japan, said that he has come to Japan to ask for help from G7 leaders to stop China from committing human rights violations by imposing sanctions. He said that they also want Japan to take action against the Chinese government over their human rights violations.
William Lee said that he travelled to Japan for work. However, he started his activist life in Japan so that he could use the Japanese language to spread the news about Hong Kong in Japan. Speaking to ANI, he said, "My name is William Lee and I'm a Hong Kong people which who are even in Japan right now. And I come to Japan originally for my work. But, starting from 2019, June, Hong Kong have a big scale of demonstrations about a democracy. So I just started my activist life in Japan so that I could using Japanese to spread all the news in Hong Kong using Japanese to Japan people."
"This time, I come to Hiroshima because we would like to ask for the help from the G7 country. And of course, Japan is also inside the G7. So, we would like Japan to also have an action towards the Chinese government's human rights violations," he added.
Leaders from G7 nations are currently in Japan to attend the G7 Summit scheduled to be held in Hiroshima from May 19-21. The G7 leaders on Friday visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan.
While talking about his appeal to world leaders, he said, "We would like to ask them to stop the human rights violations right now and by the means of the sanctions to let the Chinese ...that do not act too....or because in Hong Kong right now there is national security law which is having so much of cases that people couldn't have the justice of rules. So, we would like to stop that kind of unfair judgment right now."
William Lee said that there will be no freedom in Hong Kong in the near future. He said that the rules regarding election has been changed by the Chinese government. He said that people have no say in Hong Kong.
Responding to the question regarding the continuing crackdown on democratic rights in Hong Kong by China, he said, "I think there will be no more freedom and also any means of freedom coming in the coming future. I think, as you know, the district council election has been changed, the rules and the election votes by the means of Chinese government. We can't vote for the council members anymore and of course at least a list of members. It just means that we can't have such kind of freedom that we have before and then such kind of changing just led us to have no say inside Hong Kong." (ANI)

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