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Pakistan: Man transporting betel nuts shot dead by Karachi police

Karachi: An unarmed young man, allegedly transporting betel nuts (chhalia) in his car, was fatally shot by police after he failed to stop his vehicle in Orangi Town Dawn reported.
The incident that took place on Saturday sparked a robust protest by the victim's relatives, prompting immediate action from the authorities, who ordered the arrest of the police officer responsible for the shooting.
West-SSP Mahzor Ali informed Dawn that during a routine inspection, the Pakistan Bazaar police signalled for a car to halt. However, instead of stopping, the driver attempted to flee. In pursuit, a police officer fired at the vehicle from behind, and the bullet struck the man, later identified as Ajmal, according to Dawn.
Ajmal was rushed to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where doctors declared him dead upon arrival, according to SSP Ali.
The SSP noted that upon inspecting the car, it was discovered that a significant quantity of betel nuts was being transported, suggesting a possible reason for the victim's attempt to escape.
Taking swift action, SSP Ali initiated an arrest of the police officer, Ahmed, for discharging his firearm at the vehicle. An FIR was lodged against him under Section 319 (manslaughter) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).
In response to the incident, the family and friends of the victim organized a protest outside the office of SSP-West, demanding that the police officer be charged under Section 302 (premeditated murder) of the PPC instead of manslaughter.
However, SSP Ali asserted that the police constable had no 'intention' of causing the man's death, as he had fired his weapon solely to bring the car to a halt for inspection. He further clarified that the victim had no prior criminal record, Dawn reported.

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