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Pakistan lacks ammunition, economic strength to fight India: Pak journalists reveal Gen Bajwa's remarks

London: Pakistan's former Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa had reportedly told two senior journalists that Pakistan lacked the ammunition and economic strength to fight against India, according to UK-based Pakistani media 'UK44'.
The Pakistani journalists- Hamid Mir and Naseem Zehra- during a show said that Gen Bajwa had in 2021 revealed that he held secret talks with India's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and how Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit was planned to Pakistan soon after a ceasefire was announced between the two countries in 2021. "Qamar Javed Bajwa deal on Kashmir has not yet been revealed to Pakistani citizens. After the ceasefire along Line of Control with India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to visit Pakistan. When Foreign Office came to know about it, they went to Imran Khan as they were unware about it. Imran Khan said that he knew about it and the talks are going on with NSA Ajit Doval, but Imran siad that he had no confirmation about PM Modi's visit to Pakistan," said Mir.
In an explosive interview with UK-based Pakistani media 'UK44', Pakistan journalist Hamid Mir made the startling revelation that Gen Javed Bajwa had doubts about Pakistan's military prowess.
According to Mir, Gen Bajwa admitted that Pakistan "cannot go to war with India". Citing Gen Bajwa, Mir said that during conference of commanders, Bajwa confessed that the "Pakistan Army is no match for the Indian Army."
"After the incident, he asked Faiz to at least inform Foreign Office about, however, Bajwa came and lectured them -- the same lecture given to us---do you remember -- tanks are not in condition to work, there is no diesel for the movements of cannons," said Mir.
Pakistani journalists Mir and Naseem Zehra revealed that Pakistan Army Chief told journalists that Pakistan Army was incapable to fight Indian Army.
Mir also claimed that devoid of options, Javed Bajwa proposed to mend ways with India to have a normal relationship. Two sides were working on a solution for Kashmir as Pakistan realised it lacked ammunition and economic strength to fight India.
According to Dawn's report, the threat of an "all-out war" with India was one of the security-related issues for Pakistan trying to delay elections.
The report was submitted to the Supreme Court of Pakistan by the defence ministry in a move to delay the General Elections. With the recent revelations by Hamid Mir, questions surround the ability of the Pakistan Army to face Indian soldiers. (ANI)

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