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Pakistan: Cyclone Biparjoy moves 910 km south of Karachi

Karachi: Cyclone Biparjoy has moved about 910 km south of Karachi, the country's Met Office said on Saturday, ARY News reported.
ARY News is a Pakistani news channel. It is very likely to intensify further north-northeastwards during the next 24 hours, weather reports said. The storm will gradually move north-northwestwards during the subsequent three days.
With its probable north-northeast track, the rain-thunderstorm with some heavy falls and squally winds is expected on the Sindh-Makran coast from June 13 night to June 14 morning.
Pakistan Meteorological Department in its Saturday update said that the very severe cyclonic storm over the east-central Arabian Sea maintaining its intensity further tracked northeastward during the past 12 hours. PMD in its report said that the storm lies at a distance of about 910km south of Karachi, 890km south of Thatta and 990km southeast of Ormara, as per ARY News.
Maximum sustained surface winds are 120-130 km/hour with gusts of 150 Km/hour around the system centre. The favourable environmental conditions support the system to intensify further. Owing to the shift in upper-level steering winds, the uncertainty in global models' forecast of cyclone Biparjoy's track still persists with some taking it to the Oman-Makran coast and others indicating towards the Gujarat-Sindh coast.
The system is predicted to keep tracking further north/northeastward during the next 18-24 hours and then slightly recurve to North-northwest. PMD's cyclone warning center, Karachi is monitoring the system and will issue update accordingly.
Following the update, fishermen have been advised not to venture into the open sea from Monday, June 12 onwards till the system is over as the Arabian Sea conditions may get very rough/high accompanied by high tides along the coast.
Rain-thunderstorm with some heavy falls and ferocious winds are expected in the Sindh-Makran coast from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. High-intensity winds may cause damage to loose and vulnerable structures.
Sea conditions are very rough around the system centre with a maximum wave height of 25-28 feet, as per ARY News. (ANI)

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