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Pak: 100 killed, 57 injured in rain-related incidents in Balochistan province

Islamabad: Heavy downpours have killed 100 people in Pakistan, leaving 57 injured and displacing many across southwest Balochistan province.
The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said that women, children and men were among 100 people killed in recent heavy rainfall in the province, ARY News reported. "Overall 6,063 houses were demolished while 550-kilometre road track along four major highways in the province also got damaged during the rainfall," PDMA said.
The disaster management authority mentioned that over 712 animals have been killed during the heavy downpour. Section 144 was imposed by the government for a period of one month after the forecasts predicted more downpours in the province.
Section 144 prevents people from going to picnics at rivers, dams and other water bodies. Under the section, there is a ban on swimming in rivers and water streams.
NDMA has provided relief goods to the province, local media reported. The relief goods include family tents and de-watering pumps to assist the disaster management authority. The PDMA situation report said that more than 2,500 houses have been completely damaged, whereas 1,417 houses have been partly damaged in the recent rains.
Rescue and relief activities are in full swing in the province, according to the PDMA, adding that camps, ration bags, blankets, and other everyday life necessary stuff have been dispatched to the flood-hit areas.
Earlier, the Pakistan Meteorological Department forecasted more heavy rains in various districts of the province from Friday to Tuesday, advising all concerned authorities to remain alert and take necessary precautionary measures during the forecast period. Due to heavy rainfalls across Pakistan, several incidents of people getting electrocuted have come to light.
Rainwater has accumulated on the main roads and streets and has caused a disruption in the flow of traffic, and the accumulated water has caused several vehicles and motorcycles to break down on the streets. The downpour across the has caused several houses and villages to be submerged, standing crops and infrastructure was damaged and many remote areas were cut off from the rest of the population due to destroyed roads. (ANI)

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