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Nepal's President-elect Ram Chandra Paudel to take oath tomorrow

Kathmandu: Nepal's President-elect Ram Chandra Paudel will be sworn in on Monday amid a ceremony at the Presidential Residence. Oath of secrecy will be administered by Nepal's Acting Chief Justice, according to information from Nepal's Presidential Office.
Ram Chandra Paudel was on Thursday elected as the new Nepalese President. Paudel secured 33,802 electoral votes while his rival Subash Chandra Nembwang secured 15,518 electoral votes, according to Nepal's Election Commission.
Further, according to Nepal's Election Commission, 313 members of the federal parliament took part in the voting while 518 members from the Province assemblies also participated in the electoral process to pick the next president.
The voting took place at Nepal's Parliament building in New Baneshwar, Kathmandu. The Election Commission in the Himalayan nation had set up two separate polling stations for federal parliamentarians and the Province Assembly members at the Hall.
Lawmakers from all provinces arrived in Kathmandu for the election. A total of 884 members make up the Electoral College, including 275 members of the House of Representatives, 59 of the National Assembly and 550 of the seven provincial assemblies.
Paudel was supported by eight parties while Subash Chandra Nembang, the sole candidate from CPN-UML, was tipped to be backed by independent lawmakers.
Paudel on Thursday said that he has experience in governance and the functioning of state mechanisms which makes him suitable for the new post.
In a conversation with ANI, Nepal's President-elect, who was also a former house speaker during the monarchy, said he has gained experience in governance and the functioning of state mechanisms.
"I have earlier also undertaken various governmental roles. I also have been to the royal palaces during the monarchy, became the house speaker, and used to visit the palace once a week. That's why the role that I will undertake won't be new for me. I also have been in meetings with former Presidents as well and also know the functionalities there. I am not new to the role and duties," Paudel said after casting his vote earlier on Thursday.
Apart from being a former House Speaker, Paudel has spent over a decade in jail. He has, till now, become a lawmaker six times and minister five times. A senior leader of the Nepali Congress, Paudel had lost the intra-party election but now he has been elected the third president of the country. Paudel had the backing of ten parties on Thursday's election. (ANI)

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